Ten WWE Superstars that Must Go


Triple H Needs to Dump These Talents

There are ten WWE Superstars that must go, a consequence of Triple H’s ongoing signing spree. Like any cuts, some are obvious while others will be painful for fans to take.

As Triple H continues to sign more talent to the WWE, it’s time to make some cuts to the roster. Otherwise, the WWE is going to resemble AEW with its bloated roster.

Ten WWE Superstars that Must Go

The following ten represent wrestlers who have worn out their welcome, are getting stale, or don’t fit into the WWE’s current style of booking. There are other wrestlers the WWE might want to consider but for now, these are moves that must be made.

These releases will free up space for recently-promoted NXT Superstars or they open room for former WWE Superstars who have returned to the fold.

Akira Tozawa

It’s been a good run Akira, especially when you consider your claim to fame was holding the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and the 24/7 Championship, either of which is a career albatross. Akira’s association with ninjas in 2020 was useful because his ninja-like ability to turn invisible proved invaluable the WWE’s many releases in 2020 and 2021.


What’s to be said about Carmella that hasn’t been said before? Her wrestling is trash and her one-dimensional character hasn’t changed since she debuted on the main roster in 2016. ‘Mella is anything but money and now that her #1 fan Vince McMahon is gone, the only reason she likely still has a job is to keep RAW announcer Corey Graves happy. Carmella could leave the WWE tomorrow and Lily could take her place in the ring with few fans noticing her absence.

Commander Azeez

Big men are in a tough spot right now because 1) the WWE is still filled with leftovers from the Vince McMahon era when giants walked the earth; and 2) the current pushes seem to favor technical wrestlers, high-flyers, and brawlers like Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns who can also grapple. Azeez’s problem isn’t that he’s a talentless Khali-esque oaf (or even worse, Satnam Singh), his problem is that he just hasn’t shown anything special. He does okay as a bodyguard and occasional wrestler but that’s hardly a reason to keep him around when your promotion is bringing in wrestlers every week.

Commander Azeez

Drew Gulak

At 35, Drew Gulak isn’t washed-up, but his WWE career certainly is. Gulak has always struggled to break out and the closest he came was when Daniel Bryan lobbied for Drew to get a push. Gulak is entertaining to watch but like nearly everyone on our list, there’s nothing that makes him stand out. He has average charisma and the WWE would have to invest a remarkable amount of time to build him up as anything more than a curtain jerker (or announcer who Charlotte Flair beats up)

Drew Gulak gets beat up by Charlotte

Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki A.S.H. is an example of how you can rebuild up a stagnant character but fail to sustain her. Nikki Cross showed she’s versatile when she teamed up with Alexa Bliss and when she transformed into Nikki Almost a Superhero.

Nikki is a lovable character who combines non-traditional good looks with a never-say-die attitude. In her case, the WWE booked her so poorly after her Money in the Bank win and successful cash-in that fans felt they had no choice but to boo her.

Few fans like a loser, especially in the main event so it was inevitable that Nikki couldn’t hold on to her push. The WWE is making the same mistake with Liv Morgan but the company should get whatever life is still left in her character before releasing her.

Nikki ASH


“The Nigerian Nightmare” is the perfect example of a special attraction, a wrestler who represents the spectacle of professional wrestling and who is ideally used with limited appearances.

Indeed, Omos is the type of wrestler you hate to release but there’s little the WWE can do to effectively use him.

Omos was born late as he would have fit perfectly with the territory system, touring from one region to another without wearing out his welcome and maintaining a strong winning record.

Things are different in the WWE as he can’t be booked as invincible as he lacks the marketability of charismatic main eventers like John Cena or Roman Reigns. Omos has charisma and he’s improved as a worker. Unfortunately, the WWE either has to save him for occasional appearances or book him as a large enhancement talent, much like The Great Khali and The Big Show often were portrayed.

Omos’ program with Bobby Lashley proved he can work but he’s not useful on a regular basis


Reggie’s parkour background and above-average charisma would be ideal if the WWE still had its 205 Live show. Short of a return to focusing a show on cruiserweights, Reggie is too small even in the Triple H era which is a shame as he’s fun to watch.


The fans like Ricochet and Ricochet can always be counted on to work an exciting match. but so what? Although the WWE throws him the occasional bone like a short run with the United States or Intercontinental Championship, fans know that “The Future of Flight” has no real future in the WWE other than counting the lights. Some might argue that he’s a reliable performer but what makes him stand out from any of the WWE’s current stars or the ones returning to the company?



Shanky has been in the WWE since 2020 and he’s accomplished a whole lot of nothing. Shanky has been stuck in the shadow of Jinder Mahal and even Veer. When your claim to fame is dancing after your matches, it’s usually a good sign you’re ready to dance out of the WWE.


Sometimes it’s hard to believe Tamina Snuka has been in the WWE since 2010 but looking at her record, it’s clear the legacy wrestler hasn’t accomplished much in the way of championships. She’s certainly a unique talent due to her size and power. At 44, what more is this second-generation wrestler going to do? Is the WWE keeping her around because of her name? If they are, why not bump her into a backstage role or send her on the road as an ambassador?

Ten WWE Superstars that Must Go: Are Ten Enough?

The question now becomes whether the WWE wants to release any other wrestlers besides these ten. In some cases, the WWE may want to let these wrestlers work elsewhere and come back in a year or two in order to see if they are deserving of a second chance (much like the WWE did with Drew McIntyre).

In other cases, there is no reason to bring the wrestlers back due to age or the belief that they’re not worth a second chance.

The ten WWE Superstars that must go are a reminder that there’s only so much room for any promotion.

Do you think the WWE should keep any of these wrestlers? Should the promotion release anyone else? Let us know in the comments below.

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