10 WWE Opponents Cody Rhodes Must Wrestle Now


Now that Cody Rhodes has returned to the WWE, it’s time for the WWE to take full advantage of the fans’ interest and Cody’s irrefutable ability to entertain. While the WWE has plenty of top-name opponents such as Edge, Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley, there are no reasons to hot-shot him into top-tier programs yet. Instead, the following opponents (some of who are main eventers) are the right opponents for the right time. Here are ten wrestlers Cody Rhodes needs to wrestle NOW.

Randy Orton: Cody Rhodes’ WWE career owes much to Randy Orton due to “The Viper” taking him and Ted DiBiase Jr. under his wing as The Legacy. While Rhodes and Orton split, the dynamic is much different now as Rhodes is a veteran and “The Apex Predator” is still at the top of his game. This potential storyline offers much, whether it’s the classic trope of the student becoming the master or Orton calling out Rhodes for walking out on the WWE. While Orton always works better as a heel than a babyface (although RK-Bro has been a solid babyface run), he doesn’t have to work as a heel against Rhodes, instead taking a position as the WWE’s locker room leader testing Cody to see if he’s worthy of wrestling in the WWE again.

Kevin Owens: Although the WWE could build off KO’s recent anti-Texas program with “Stone Cold” and follow up with Cody, there are plenty of other good ways to start this one up, as seen by Kevin Owens’ talent at sticking his foot in his mouth on promos and The Kevin Owens Show. KO is finally getting recognition as one of the WWE’s best workers and a Cody/Kevin program could give “The American Nightmare” to showcase his brawling skills

Tomasso Ciampa: Rumors has it that Tomasso Ciampa could be one of the latest additions to Edge’s faction and what better way to set things up than to have Ciampa challenge Cody to a friendly competition, only for Ciampa to turn heel and begin a program between Cody and Edge’s faction that culminates in a full-blown feud with Edge.

Damien Priest: Now that Damien Priest is allied with Edge, it makes sense for Cody to square off against “The Archer of Infamy.” The reasons are twofold: 1) the match is a fantastic way to test Priest’s ability to work with different opponents as his push continues; and 2) it could be part of a greater storyline where Edge uses Priest as his catspaw to test Cody for a feud somewhere in the future.

Dolph Ziggler: It doesn’t matter how the WWE sets this one up as it has all the makings of an instant classic. Dolph doesn’t get a push commensurate with his talent, but it seems that the fans and Dolph don’t care. One potential motivation for a match (or series) is a jealous Dolph criticizing Cody for strolling back into the WWE and getting the opportunities Ziggler felt entitled to.

The Miz: Ironically, WrestleLamia recently analyzed Logan Paul’s potential clash with the Miz, noting both men’s careers in Hollywood. We noted that the Miz rarely has opponents who can claim to be a star (regardless of whether it’s a B-Lister or an A-Lister). Like the Miz, Cody not only has a reality show but a game show. He’s also starred in TV. While Cody isn’t known for his comedic promos, he could deliver some biting promos that counteract the Miz’s attempts to undermine him on the microphone.

Chad Gable: Chad Gable’s brilliant blend of amateur skills and remarkable speed as well as his Kurt Anglesque arrogant heel character have finally brought him out of the lower-card ranks and into a position where he may be able to move up the ladder as a singles star. Gable’s run as the leader of the Alpha Academy could reach new heights if he were to battle Cody.

Gunther: Every babyface needs a monstrous opponent and former NXT UK Champion Gunther fits the bill. While the talk of Gunther jumping to the main roster remains in the realm of rumor, he seems like a viable pick since Vince McMahon likes to introduce fresh talent after WrestleMania.

Bron Breakker: Bron Breakker could be a good opponent because like Cody, he’s a second-generation star. A program against Breaker could also play up their respective fathers’ mutual history in WCW. It’s believed that Breaker (who recently regained the NXT Championship on the 4 April RAW) will be promoted to the main roster soon and a program with Cody would be a fantastic learning experience for Breaker and a trip down memory lane for fans of Rick Steiner and Dusty Rhodes.

AJ Styles: AJ Styles is working as a babyface but that shouldn’t preclude a match with Rhodes. The WWE has found ways to book babyface vs. babyface matches before such as number one contender matches and while a one-on-one Styles vs. Rhodes match belongs on pay-per-view, WrestleLamia will watch it wherever it takes place (even Main Event).

Cody Rhodes’ six-year absence from the WWE makes for so many fresh match-ups, whether it’s wrestlers who were still competing when Cody left the promotion or new talent who have never faced him in the WWE. With so many opponents to choose from, it would be easy for the WWE to randomly book him against various talents but as we’ve shown, Cody needs to wrestle the aforementioned wrestlers now. This will help Cody get over, make for exciting matches, and build Cody up for the inevitable main event program against Roman Reigns.

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