MJF Walks Out Of AEW


AEW are set to present Double or Nothing tonight, live on PPV.

MJF has legitimately walked out of AEW. This story first circulated when MJF was scheduled to attend a fan meet and greet yesterday, but he never showed. The security team involved in the event tried to get MJF on the phone, but they were unable to get hold of him. This was said not to be a work, and AEW were forced to offer saddened fans a refund or a ticket exchange. 

This entire situation quickly escalated when it was revealed by a number of sources that MJF had booked a flight home, and wouldn’t be at the Double or Nothing PPV event this evening. PWInsider would then report that MJF wasn’t on the actual flight, and has been seen in Las Vegas, the site of tonight’s PPV. 

It’s well established that MJF has a lot of resentment towards AEW currently. MJF believes that he is worth more than he signed for, and his pay should represent his position in the company.  PWInsider have also reported that MJF has isolated himself from the rest of the locker room, so it looks like MJF is truly fed up with his position in AEW. It now looks like this animosity is playing out in real-time. 

At this stage, it remains unclear if MJF is going to show up to the PPV this evening. MJF is set to take on Wardlow in one of the biggest matches on the entire card, and if MJF decides to not show the event, this entire story is likely to overshadow the PPV itself.

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