Cinnamon Toast Crunch at WrestleMania


WWE Will Bring in Record Ad Revenue at WrestleMania XXXIX

Get ready for Cinnamon Toast Crunch at WrestleMania. This is just part of the WWE’s advertising partnerships at this year’s “Showcase of the Immortals” as the WWE brings in a record amount of sponsorship dollars.

According to the WWE’s Senior Vice president and Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, Craig Stimmel, the WWE is bringing in $20 million in sponsorship revenue. Stimmel reports this is twice what the WWE brought in for last year’s “Show of Shows” (H/T ABC News).

The Cinnamoji Toast Crunch Connection

Fans who cringed at the Mountain Dew Pitch Black may not want to read further. The WWE is partnering with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There were rumors that the WWE would hold a Cinnamon Toast Crunch-themed match. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. Nonetheless, what the WWE and Cinnamon Toast Crunch have planned isn’t much better.

The WWE partnered with the popular breakfast cereal for its limited edition Cinammoji Toast Crunch which features Rey Mysterio on the box. Here’s an excerpt from the press release about the partnership. It contains the news no one (other than the good folks at Wrestlecrap) wanted to hear:

To celebrate the Cinnamoji Toast Crunch cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and WWE are teaming up to bring Cinnamojis to fans live during WrestleMania 39, hosted at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles April 1-2…Tune in on Peacock to catch the spirited Cinnamojis perform live at WrestleMania 39 alongside WWE Superstars.

H/T Cageside Seats

You’ve Got to Monetize That

You may recall that when the WWE was up for sale, some experts argued the WWE’s value is much greater than it appears on paper. The reason? Some market experts believe the company does not fully monetize its various intellectual properties. In addition, this applies to bringing in advertisers:

Marketing experts see WWE as a prime venue for brands due to the makeup of its core audience. That audience ranges from minors to seniors, has a wide range of incomes, it’s global, and it’s fervently devoted to the craft, said T. Maxwell, a partner at Max Sports Marketing.

H/T Associated Press

The WWE is striking while the iron is hot. With wrestling hotter than it’s been in decades, advertisers are eager to partner with the WWE. While we don’t know how much the WWE is being paid for the Cinnamojis’ appearance, it’s believed they landed a cool one million dollars for the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match. While some fans cringed over the match, the WWE seemed unphased.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch at WrestleMania

Analysis: The WWE is doing great business right now so why not capitalize on mainstream interest? While some of the sponsorship tie-ins are cheesy, the WWE doesn’t seem to care. Hopefully, the WWE won’t turn its PLEs into glorified commercials that dilute the show itself.

Short of something such as Manscaped sponsoring a hair vs hair match, expect more partnerships.

What do you think of the WWE’s latest sponsorship deal? Let us know in the comments below.

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